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Kiwi Educators to tour IBMs Second Life

Kiwi Educators to tour IBMs Second Life

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For those who may be interested the Kiwi Educators group will be taking a guided tour of some of the IBM Second Life sims at 8pm (NZ time) on Sunday, October 28th. With upwards of 28 individual sims on the boil IBM are definitely taking virtual worlds seriously. The tour will be led by IBM Australia Virtual Worlds engineer Chris Yeoh (SL: Pipe Hesse) who presented at the IBM Forum 2007 on their involvement in Second Life.

The tour is not limited to New Zealand educators though it is suggested that those wanting to be part of the tour join the Kiwi Educators inworld group. This will enable better communication across distance and allow for updates to times and places through the group notice (not that I anticipate the time changing). Membership of the group is open.

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Re: IBM Tour Update

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Just to update you all on the itinerary for the IBM Second Life islands tour (see previous post). The tour, guided by Pipe Hesse, one of IBMs virtual world research team, will cover the following:

  • Tour of Australian Open Sim demonstrating bringing external data into Second Life and visualising it
  • IBM Virtual Worlds Business Center
  • Core memory exhibit
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Hub and SOA Adventure Island
  • and if we have time, we'll go through some of the simple educational games around IBM and Open Source technologies. I know I'll be making time for every bit of it I can *smiles*.

The tour will kick off from the IBM Australian Development Labs building at 8pm (NZ time) on Sunday 28th. Note: You must logged into Second Life to activate the inworld links below.

IBM Australian Development Labs

For those relatively new to the group who would like a quick group intro/orientation, myself and other group members will be at the Koru Kiwi Educators meeting area from around 7.00pm until the start of the tour.  Note: The tour itinerary can also be found on the Kiwi Educators' photo board in the meeting area (click on Next Kiwi Ed Group Session button for notecard).

Kiwi Educators' Meeting Area

Tour attendees must belong to the Second Life Kiwi Educators group for the purposes of inworld communication and entry permissions to some of the IBM sims.

Times for zones other than New Zealand can be found here.

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