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    A collaborative space for exploring the using of Second Life ( in education.

    The Second Life website has all you need to know about setting up an account and becoming an active 'secondlifer'. However, to enter the environment itself, you need to download and run the Second Life software. This is not currently supported through the main NMIT network.

    Anyone can browse these pages, but you will need to login to contribute. Don't have an account on this web site? Contact us at providing your name, email address and the education organisation with which you are affiliated and we will create an account ASAP.

    “Second Life provides a unique and flexible environment for educators interested in distance learning, computer-supported cooperative work, simulation, new media studies, and corporate training. ... Students and educators can work together in Second Life from anywhere in the world as part of a globally networked virtual classroom environment. Using Second Life as a supplement to traditional classroom environments also provides new opportunities for enriching existing curricula." Text taken from the main page for the Second Life for Education wiki.

    The main Grid of Second Life is for adults only (18+) but there is also a Teen Second Life Grid and that world is strictly for teens (13-17). No one under 18 years old is allowed in the adult world of Second Life, and likewise adult Residents (18+) are not allowed on the mainland of the Teen World. Both of these worlds are separate from each other, and inworld travel or communication between them is not allowed. If you are interested in working as an educator on the Teen Second Life Grid you need to visit this wiki page for details.