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A Special Visitor to Koru

A Special Visitor to Koru

by Clare Atkins -
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Over the last month the island of Koru has started to take shape and is definitely gaining a NZ atmosphere. Aaron/Isa has been landscaping, building paths and has created two giant kauri trees which will be the focal point of the island. Two sandboxes (areas for SL building) have been designated, one for NMIT members and another for Kiwi Educator members. The Kiwi Educators group now meets on Koru on a Sunday, and a photo board provides some images of our activities.

Weltec have also rented a corner of the island and they were responsible for our 'special visitor'. Arwenna received a message around 5.30pm to get "on over to Koru - Helen's coming". Todd Cochrane had realised that his Centre at Weltec was on the itinerary of the Prime Minister!! Toddles Lightworker and Arwenna decided to sit under the Kauri trees and await the visit. The Prime Minister sat down and talked to Arwenna briefly through Toddles, and was interested to know what was going on and what we were up to. The conversation was all too brief, and the visit was certainly unofficial - we look forward to an official inworld visit one day!!

If you haven't visited Koru yet, feel free to IM Arwenna or Isa inworld and we will show you around - if you haven't ventured in yet, email Clare or better still drop by Clare's office in K block and I might be able to give you an outsider's view too!