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NMIT Visit

NMIT Visit

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Have just completed (well on Tuesday night that is) a very full on two day consultation session down at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. As many of you will know NMIT are in the process of purchasing their own island in Second Life and with the generosity of the eCapability fund I was sent down there to assist in introducing a number of academic staff to the SL platform, to help develop the skills of those already on board and to commence discussion on possible projects for the upcoming island.

I have come back physically drained I must say but also incredibly invigorated as well by the enthusiasm of those involved and the willingness that was exhibited to the possibilitites of educating in a virtual environment. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that all of those who attended the sessions were really thinking outside the box in terms of their ideas for using SL with little reference to virtual classrooms, raised hand animations and other RL recreations.

Unfortunately two days were really not long enough to get into the nitty gritty of our intentions but the train has left the station nonetheless. Am really looking forward to where it will take us. For those interested in some of the ideas we discussed a brief version of them is available near the end of this presentation document delivered at the Second Life Australasian Showcase last night.


Aaron/Isa Goodman

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Re: NMIT Visit

by Clare Atkins -
Thank you Aaron - You beat me to it! I was just coming in to post about the amazing two days that we had with you! I have had feedback from most of the attendees and without exception it was very positive and excited about the possibilities that Second Life opens up. We are all looking forward to hosting Aaron for another visit - Watch this space!!!

It was a great experience for me to find so many others here at NMIT who share my excitement for investigating virtual environments for teaching, learning, researching and fun! I know how hard it is to get excited about anything at this point in the academic year and I am sure I am not the only one struggling to make up the time. However, I was so pleased that everyone who came along felt it had been more than worth the time away from all the end of semester "busy-ness".

It was also wonderful to have such a range of interests represented in the group and to welcome Doug Stenhouse from the Nelson School of Music too. We may be a small group but we can cover a great deal of ground between us and I hope that it is just the small beginning of a truly collaborative effort that will also involve others around the country before too long. In the meantime - don't forget the Kiwi Educators Sunday Session at 2pm in the NMIT Garden of Learning - I am hoping that we might have a special guest!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to you Aaron - we all appreciate your generosity with both your time and your expertise.

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Re: NMIT Visit

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>>Finally, a HUGE thank you to you Aaron - we all appreciate your generosity with both your time and your expertise.

You are absolutely more than welcome Clare. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And it was great to cap it all off when I got home with wee social chin wag inworld with yourself, Doug and Mike. See you all again soon I hope.