Why learn online?

When you study online at NMIT, you enter your course through the NMIT Online website. After logging in, you can access your course materials such as readings, learning activities and assessments. Online communication tools like discussion forums and chat, let you interact with your teacher and classmates. You will be supported in how to do this and receive relevant training for specific software. Many students find that online learning offers them the flexibility to study when, where and how they want.

A concise print version of this book can be downloaded here.

  • Courses taught through the Internet or 'online' provide opportunities for student-centred learning. Online, learners are empowered to learn by themselves and to teach each other. Online, you have the opportunity to share, collaborate and critique each other's work.

  • You have an opportunity to write more online. Because you have time to think before you write, and reflect on your and others' writing, your writing will improve.

  • It's geared to lifelong learning - you will be learning for the rest of your life, and much of it will be online.

  • You have access to rich content, including multimedia images that explain ideas better than text books and words. The Internet also provides you with rich and interesting resources.

  • You can learn where and when you want—24/7. Help and support is available to you through online connections

  • Through quizzes and interactive tests you can get immediate feedback, and you can see how you are doing.

  • You will get to know your peers and colleagues through online discussions, and often get to know more about their ideas than if you were in a face to face classroom.

  • Sharing, collaborating and discussing online helps you develop skills that you will need the rest of your life.

This page has been adapted from: Kassop, M. Ten ways online education matches, or surpasses, face to face learning. Retrieved on May 6, 2003 from http://ts.mivu.org

These pages have been adapted from material kindly provided by the Wintec Moodle team.