A list of useful or interesting Second Life links about education

This page carries links to a number of articles or websites of interest to educators who are using or thinking of using Second Life as a teaching environment. I have grouped them as

      • General - those likely to be of interest to all teachers,
      • Tertiary - for educators in a tertiary environment,
      • Secondary - for staff in secondary schools, and
      • Business - for those offering training in a business environment.

If you come across links that would be useful to post here, please email them to me at clare.atkins@nmit.ac.nz.


  • Main page for the Second Life for Education wiki. This has a very comprehensive list of useful links, articles, discussions etc.The Second Life Education Mailing List (SLED)to keep interested individuals alerted to education opportunities and events in Second Life. This list is also an opportunity for educators to communicate with each other as well as find new colleagues."
  • Second Life has its own programming language called Linden Scripting Language or LSL. It is a C++/Java type language and the LSL portal is an excellent site with tutorials.
  • The Top 20 educational places to visit in Second Life - a consesus view from the users of the education wiki.
  • 101 Uses of SL in the Classroom - this is aimed at tertiary but has some interesting general comments to make and some very useful tips for getting students going in Second Life. (pdf file)


  • List of education institutes using Second Life (not always current)
  • Information on what different education institutes are doing in Second Life
  • A mailing list for people interested in or currently using Second Life for Healthcare Support and Education - an opportunity for all of you to communicate with each other, to find new colleagues and to share your experiences.


  • A Second Look at School Life: Quin Parker on the 3D computer game that's offering teenagers a new way of learning - from The Guardian (UK)
  • A mailing list for those interested in secondary education in Second Life intended to help you find colleagues and share ideas on more specific topics
  • The Teen Grid is the Second Life world available to 13-18 yr olds. Useful information about using it can be found on the Teen Grid wiki.
  • A wonderful resource maintained by the PacificRim Project which has brought secondary students from Japan and the US together. Some great information on the work they have done but also a useful set of links to other things of interest. Definitely worth checking out!
  • The Global Kids Digital Media initiative has been doing some amazing things too - including creating this disturbing on child soldiers in Uganda. All done by teens from within second life.

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