NMIT and ePortfolios

myPortfolio web site

NMIT subscribes to the myPortfolio ePortfolio service. myPortfolio is a separate website that provides students and staff with a range of tools to collate a portfolio of learning materials and reflections. Powered by the Mahara Open Source ePortfolio system, a single-sign-on account has been available for both sites. That means staff and students are able to move between NMIT Online and myPortfolio without requiring a second login.

How is myPortfolio different to NMIT Moodle?

myPortfolio is like a private education focussed version of Facebook. On the myPortfolio site, you have a private space that no-one can see until you choose to share it. You can choose exactly what you share and with whom by creating separate views of your work - each view can contain different sets of files, blog posts and other items. You can interact with other people on the site, allowing them to post on your wall (friends), sharing views with each other or creating and joining groups.

Some tutors are using myPortfolio in their courses, having students maintain and share blogs, views and other tasks.

NMIT does not control what you do with your portfolio space, what groups you choose to create or join or who you choose to interact with. However, NMIT policies on conducting your behaviour and use of IT services do still apply.

So who is on it?

All NMIT staff and students have an account on myPortfolio - but you only interact with those you want to smile. The myPortfolio site is also used by staff and students at a number of other NZ polytechnics and universities. So you can also choose to make friends or create interest groups across NZ.

The details

You must login to myPortfolio via NMIT Online using your NMIT account details.

The myPortfolio site has the following features:

  • An online file repository with 1 GB online storage space for each user
  • Blogs
  • Resume builder
  • Ability to build independent web pages based on your files, blogs, resume and other materials
  • Publish these viewable web pages to selected audiences, including allowing both public and private comments
  • Social networking - interact with other users with common interests, form groups and monitor changes to other users web pages.
  • Create group discussion forums.
  • Submit a published web page for assessment by a tutor or teacher, allowing for a snapshot of the webpage and associated items on a certain date.
  • Portfolio's created in myPortfolio can be exported and transferred to another portfolio site. They can also be saved as a collection of web pages you choose to publish again elsewhere.

Download a user guide [PDF] or check out the following video guides are freely available on the myPortfolio.ac.nz home page

  • Login, profile and settings
  • Resumé builder
  • Blogging
  • Uploading resources
  • Creating Views
  • Groups, Forums and Friends