Help pages - Student guide to using NMIT Moodle

NMIT Moodle is a website providing course resources and learning activities for NMIT students. Not all courses at NMIT have materials in NMIT Online – your tutor will direct you to the site as appropriate. The site utilizes the internationally recognized MOODLE Open Source software platform.

To get to NMIT Moodle, go to

When you change your password it must be in the following format

1. Be at least eight (8) characters in length

2. Have at least one (1) capital letter – ABC …

3. Have at least (one) 1 number 123 …

4. Have at least one (1) lower case letter – abc …

5. Cannot contain spaces or 3 consecutive letters from your user name” e.g. jimmy cannot use jim, mmy, etc.

6. Not be the same password that you have used in the last 24 passwords