Trouble logging in?

Have you activated your NMIT computer account yet? You must either login on an NMIT campus computer OR activate your NMIT computer account before you try to login on NMIT Moodle.

Make sure

  • You include the hyphen in your username/NMIT ID (e.g. jo-bloggs).
  • Check your “Caps Lock” key is not active on your keyboard and that you have entered your initials in the correct case.
  • If you supplied a preferred name in your enrolment forms this has been used for your username (e.g. Elizabeth Smith prefers to be known as Liz Smith. Her username and NMIT ID  is Liz-Smith
  • Usernames are restricted to a maximum of 20 characters, and any punctuation in names has been removed. (e.g. Simon Foxton-Hummingbird will have a username of Simon-FoxtonHummingb).
  • Occasionally other people at NMIT may share you firstname and lastname. In this situation numbers have been added to the usernames to ensure they are unique. You could try adding 2 or 3 on the end of your username (e.g. Jo-Bloggs2)

Nothing works? Please contact the ITS Helpdesk if you have any problems using this site:

Logging in using a personal device

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in from off-campus, some of the following may help: 

  1. Restart your device, and try again.
  2. Try adding "AD\" in front of your username. e.g. AD\jane-student
  3. Use  your NMIT-supplied email address as your username e.g.
  4. Switch to another browser, for example IE or Chrome.
  5. Try deleting temporary internet files (Clear cache) and restart entire browser session or restart your machine.

NMIT Moodle login for special users

Special users are people who aren't students or staff members but have been provided login access to NMIT Moodle for community or project work.

If you have problems logging in, please contact to request a reset of your NMIT Moodle password.