Help pages - Student guide to using NMIT Moodle

NMIT Moodle is a website providing course resources and learning activities for NMIT students. Not all courses at NMIT have materials in NMIT Online – your tutor will direct you to the site as appropriate. The site utilizes the internationally recognized MOODLE Open Source software platform.

To get to NMIT Moodle, go to

The course calendar highlights dates related to activities within the course. These dates may be the opening, closing or due dates of an activity.

When you move your mouse over the highlighted date the activity it is related to will appear.

Click on the activity to view the full description.

Click again on the activity title to navigate to it.

To view the full calendar with titles shown click on the month name.

How to use the calendar - video

To Add your own user event click the 'New Event' button.

  1. Name your event and provide a description.

  2. Change the Date if required as the default is the current date, the Time is optional

  3. You are able to specify a Duration and/or Repeats for your event