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    Kia ora. Welcome to your NMIT Referencing course. This course is designed as a self-directed online course. If you need extra help, see the Further Support tab for options.

    How to use this course 

    Below is a schedule of the course topics. We recommend working your way through the sections under the Topics tabs, particularly if you are a complete beginner to referencing, or haven't done any referencing for some time. These sections contain information and tasks to enhance your learning, and each section builds on what you have learned in the previous section.

    The Guides and Tools tabs provide resources for you to refer to.

    Throughout the course, you will be provided with hands-on practice activities, easily identified by their green label:

    practice activity label

    Things to note

    • The duration of this course will vary depending on whether you have any prior knowledge of referencing. You can expect it to take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete. You might like to do it over 2-3 sessions.
    • The course essentially focuses on the APA style of referencing. This is the style used most commonly in NMIT courses. If you are an Arts & Media student, please see the note below re Chicago style*. 
    • By the end of the course you should feel more informed about what referencing is, why we do it and be able to reference varied source types using a suitable referencing guide.

    *As an Arts & Media student, you will most likely be asked to use Chicago style of referencing. A few Chicago resources are included here, and your tutor should provide you with more. The good news is, much of the content in this course still applies. The key elements of referencing, including why we do it, the two parts to every reference, identifying source types and learning to paraphrase, are the same whichever style you use.