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               Welcome to IT Challenge Week 2018

                                          What is Challenge Week?

    It's our way of providing you with the information you need for a successful start to the study year. We try to make it interesting, entertaining and fun.  

    There are three main objectives for the week:

    • to provide you with all the things you need or need to know before classes start,
    • to help everyone get to know each other and the staff,
    • to have some fun and win some cool prizes!!

    We can't give you any academic credit for what you achieve this week but we can promise that it will make the semester go smoother for you (and us we hope!).

                                              How will this happen?

    We have put together a number of different challenges for you to do as groups throughout the week. Mostly, you don't need to do them in any particular order, or on any particular day - how you organise yourselves is mostly up to you! We strongly suggest that you tackle the Blog creation task, as early in the week as you can though. It will make your life much easier!

    We end the week on Friday, with a "prizegiving",  a lot of laughs and an afternoon tea. Each team gets a box of goodies and there will be lots of random 'spot' prizes too.

                                                  Will anyone help?

    For general questions about the week, feel free to email Sandra (sandra.dyke@nmit.ac.nz).  She will do what she can to help sort them out.

    Additionally, each team is assigned a staff mentor for the week to help if you get really stuck or if you need information that you can't find here.