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Academic Practice

by Sam Young -
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While this might seem a bit off topic, but shouldn't we be consistent in all aspects of our practice? So, might we be able to please have the site materials (a) fully referenced and (b) consistently named?

Te Whare Tapa Wha in 3.6 was developed by Dr Mason Durie; the model used in in the second sector of the E-tivities "Carpe Diem" sheet is the IP of Dr Stephen Covey, and I don't think I have yet seen any of the resource names being consistent with the link names.

I found it really difficult to work out, as I was downloading the resources to my downloads file, which file belonged to which section. Perhaps having the section number in the title, and keeping the name the same as the section title, would add clarity: eg "1.2 Learner Persona Template"...?

Thanks smile