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Pedagogy and Tangata Whenua

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Pedagogy and Tangata Whenua
by Rebecca Hunter - Monday, 30 June 2014, 5:35 PM

I am so heartened to see the Learning and Teaching strategies below emphasised:

  • Associative learning -
  • Constructivist learning -
  • Situative learning - learning is sited in a specific real-life context and embedded within a particular social and physical environment e.g a simulated case study or virtual environment.

Because it indicates a real move further towards effective education on the whole but also indicates an openness to using strategies which have been shown to be really effective for Maori Learners- particularly the Situative Learning Approach.  Might open up some research opportunites between NMIT and AKO Aotearoa if some courses really change/ build their delivery mode to fit these learning strategies and in turn, Maori Learners are more successful on those courses.



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Re: Pedagogy and Tangata Whenua
by Jane Dillon - Tuesday, 1 July 2014, 9:17 AM

It is great to see your endorsement of these strategies Rebecca. NMIT has an excellent framework to move towards learning which is truly engaging. Will be so interesting to see the learning and teaching approaches that emerge in the use of the new Maritime engine simulator ! Research opportunities have been identified and preliminary discussions held with Ako Aotearoa. Bridget O'Regan Regional Manager Southern Hub was here last week for a professional development workshop and met with Matt Peacey. Busy with implementation guess the trick for all of us will be to collect evidence of the change process as we go - ahead of any defined project !