Help pages - Student guide to using NMIT Moodle

NMIT Moodle is a website providing course resources and learning activities for NMIT students. Not all courses at NMIT have materials in NMIT Online – your tutor will direct you to the site as appropriate. The site utilizes the internationally recognized MOODLE Open Source software platform.

To get to NMIT Moodle, go to

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The ILP is primarily your document.  It will help you to create a personalised learning plan and set yourself learning goals.  You share the ILP with your tutors and learning coach.  Through the ILP you agree to a learning commitment, set targets and record progress to achieve your intended outcomes during your time at NMIT. Your ILP and the discussions you have with your Learning Coach or main tutor will enable appropriate and successful academic progress. You, your learning coach, your tutors and the learning support tutors have access to your ILP. NMIT administrators may collect data about the ILP usage, but this will not include the content of the ILP.

The ILP consists of five parts:

  1. Student information – details about yourself
  2. Learning commitment - Annual statement of what you want to achieve
  3. Targets – set *SMART targets to help keep yourself on track
  4. Progress reviews and Learner reflection/ comments – comments from yourself and your learning coach to keep you on task.
  5. Course reports – only your course tutors and you can add course report comments.

*SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

Your tutor/ coach will direct you to your online or paper based ILP. This guide focuses on the Online ILP.

How to see your online ILP

This is an electronic way to track your progress online and monitor your improvement as a student. You can access your ILP from your My courses page on NMIT Online. You can login and view your ILP from any home or campus computer (refer to separate instructions for logging into NMIT online)

Click on the ‘My ILP’ link in the top left hand corner of your screen and you will be taken to your ILP page. From here, you can:

  • Edit your personal details by visiting your profile page
  • Enter your Learning Coach, Tutors names,  Learning Successes and Potential Barriers to success in Student Information
  • At the start of each year, state your learning commitment - what you want to achieve
  • Set SMART targets for yourself in My Targets
  • Discuss progress with your learning coach in Progress Reviews
  • Post your thoughts about your learning in Learner reflections/ comments
  • Summarise your achievements and challenges in Course Comments

Using the ILP gives you a new way to track your progress during your time at NMIT.

ILP detail

Student Status

This feature is only available in the online ILP, your learning coach or tutor will give you a status either green, amber of red after a scheduled progress review.

Green - the default setting, everything is going well
Amber  - a warning colour, a target or other aspect of your study progress needs attention
Red – there is problem with a missed target, course deadline or some other aspect of your study progress

Sections in the ILP

My Information is to be updated annually; including past successes and challenges.

Also update your overall learning commitment each year.

Progress reviews are only editable by your coach or tutor.

Learner Comments /Reflections is a space for you to comment on your study, use this area when you have something to say that is not a target or action.

Course comments will be started by your tutor and then you are able to reply.

Comments are where you have an option to reply to any entry in your ILP.

At the start of the year you will receive an induction into NMIT Moodle and the ILPs will be demonstrated to you.  Should you still need some extra help with any of these systems, ask your tutor or Learning and Study Support staff in the Library.

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