Enriched Virtual Model

Introduces the Flex Model

1. Enriched Virtual Model Overview


According to the Christensen Institute the Enriched Virtual model is “a course or subject in which students have required face-to-face learning sessions with their teacher of record and then are free to complete their remaining coursework remote from the face-to-face teacher. Online learning is the backbone of student learning when the students are located remotely. The same person generally serves as both the online and face-to-face teacher. Many Enriched Virtual programs began as full-time online schools and then developed blended programs to provide students with brick-and-mortar school experiences. The Enriched Virtual model differs from the Flipped Classroom because in Enriched Virtual programs, students seldom meet face-to-face with their teachers every weekday. It differs from a fully online course because face-to-face learning sessions are more than optional office hours or social events; they are required.”


Focus questions:

  • What would be the benefits to the tutor and learners of using this model?
  • What would be the constraints or difficulties?
  • What professional development would I need to be able to implement this?
  • What support/development would my learners need?