Flex Model

4. Session Plan Activity


Complete the following activity. It should bring a lot of your planning together in a format that we’re all familiar with – a lesson plan (or in this case it has been called a “session plan”).



  • Download the documents from the links below
  • Have a look at the Flex Session Plan Exemplar, taking note of how the information is set out 
  • Using a lesson that you would usually teach face-to-face, redesign it into a Flex session using the Session Plan Template – remember that most of the content will happen in the online environment, but note what you would be doing as the tutor/facilitator
  • If you feel comfortable sharing, please upload it to the Session Plan Forum, along with a description of how your Flex session differs from your usual face-to-face lesson



Flex Session Plan Exemplar (PDF)

Session Plan Template (DOCx)