Flex Model

3. MixMap Activity


Revisit the MixMap that you created in the Understanding Blended Learning session. If you missed that activity make sure you do it before you do this activity.


Link: https://ecampus.nmit.ac.nz/moodle/course/view.php?id=5833&section=4



  • Looking at the activities you’ve already identified, make a list of those which could work using the Flex model
  • Add any other activities you’ve identified while doing the Evaluation Activity
  • List any opportunities you can think for students to interact online – this could be using forums or external tools like Facebook, OneDrive or Google Docs (however, it needs to be for a reason they can’t communicate in class, such as it is a homework activity)
  • List any resources you would need – you don’t need to be too specific yet, just identify whether you would need weblinks, document templates, pdf documents or videos etc.