Help pages - Student guide to using NMIT Moodle

The text editor in NMIT Moodle shows up whenever you are asked to submit substantive text within NMIT Moodle. Examples include the Description box in your personal profile, when you are adding a forum message or a glossary entry, using a wiki etc. The editor allows you to format your text using standard word processor tools. The editor enables you to do things like add pictures, link to web site, add color and formatting to your messages, spell check your messages, undo and redo, change your fonts, etc.

The editor runs on Windows on Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+. For Macintosh it runs on Firefox but NOT the Safari browser.

Below is a screen shot of the editor showing some of the common commands. Simply type your text, select the section you want to format and click the appropriate icon on the editor tool bar.

Inserting images is a little more complex than if you are using Microsoft Word, see the separate Adding images to NMIT Moodle page for more detail.

the editor

If you know HTML you can click on the edit source button (<>) and paste code right into the editor. Be careful however as you cannot include the head tag or style sheets. All CSS must be inline.

If you do not see the editor, it may be that your browser does not support it or that your Profile settings have the editor option disabled.

Using emoticons

Emoticons can be used to convey the non-verbal tone, expression or intent of a comment. The text editor has a smile image on the toolbar that allows you to insert an emoticon into your forum posts or other places where the text editor appears. In chat sessions you can use the keyboard characters to convey the same emoticons - see table below.

Note: when using keyboard characters there should not be any spaces between characters.

smile smile : -)
big grin big grin : -D
wink wink ; -)
mixed mixed : -/
thoughtful thoughtful V -.
tongueout tongueout : -P
cool cool B -)
approve approve ^ -)
wide eyes wide eyes 8 -)
surprise surprise 8 -o
sad sad : -(
shy shy 8 -.
blush blush : -I
kiss kiss : -X
clown clown : o)
black eye black eye P -|
angry angry 8 -[
dead dead xx -P
sleepy sleepy | -.
evil evil } -]

For more general tips for studying online see the separate pages: Online study - so what's involved?