Online study - so what's involved?

E-learner Hints

  • Use your experiences and share them. Think how much you know already!

  • Concentrate on the ideas and don't worry about 'typos' (typing mistakes) when you write. Your tutor will inform you of the academic requirements for your writing.

  • Practise your typing.

  • Go online, do what you need to do and get off. You can spend many hours online 'just having a look'. Remember the sunshine, people....

  • Allocate sufficient time to study online.

  • Make sure you allocate enough time to study online.

  • Use the search tool to find information.

  • Ask if there are any problems, say how you are feeling, let the tutor know what you think.

  • Get to chat sessions on time, post things on the discussion board when you are meant to, get your assignments in on time. Use the calendar.

  • Share your work and ideas.

  • Be aware that others my be feeling uncertain too.

  • Think about what you are going to say and check that what you have written will be easily understood.

  • Be academic - reference, refer to, quote....

  • Make sure your work is your own. Plagiarism is unethical and unprofessional.

  • Be aware of your own learning style regardless of whether you are studying online or in classroom-based courses. Try this online quiz from VARK to find out more about your personal learning style.