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    Welcome to the Tutor Resources Home

    This page outlines a range of key services available to teaching staff at NMIT and links to related web pages throughout NMIT's array of web sites.
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      Learning Services

      Tutors' guide to NMIT Online

      NMIT Online is based on the Moodle software platform and provides a set of tools you can use to create an online support web site specific to your students that can be accessed anywhere via the internet. NMIT Online is supported by FLiT and this page includes course request forms, introductory guides to NMIT Online and training and support details.

      The Flexible Learning Team (FLiT) Project Support

      Study anywhere

      The Flexible Learning Team (FLiT) can offer advice on incorporating a range of flexible approaches in your courses and provide formal course design and development support. See our team pages for more information on who we are, news on flexible learning developments at NMIT and how we can support you.

      Library Learning Centre Staff Services

      The Library Learning Centre maintains their own website, which includes pages on the range of services available to general and teaching staff, including library access, teaching and research resources and student study support services.Library Learning Centre

      Library Learning Centre (LLC) e-Alert Hub

      The Library Learning Centre can assist you in getting access to a number of unique email alert and RSS services to support you in your teaching. This could be as simple as an email alerting you to new books available in the Library or electronic 'subscriptions' to websites that are relevant for your teaching.

      General Technology Support Pages

      Software, Video Conferencing & SmartBoard Support (iNeedHelp)

      Access introductory materials, forms, "How to" guides and tips on using general information technologies in your teaching.


      Staff Development

      Staff Development Opportunities

      This page provides details on a range of staff development opportunities and events available to NMIT staff. Discussion areas will also be added over time to enable ongoing debate and sharing of staff experiences.

      Guidelines for New Tutors

      Celebrating Learning

      If you have limited experience as a tutor, these pages provide some tips for getting started. This includes principles of adult learning, course design, lesson planning and assessments.

      Certificate in Adult Teaching

      This is the home page for students already enrolled in the Certificate in Adult Teaching programme and provides the essential information on programme administration, programme wide communication and about accessing help while you are studying with us.